River Ruckus weather information

River Ruckus will go on rain and/or shine! Read on for more specifics. Please note: Washington St. will be closed to all traffic from noon until 5 pm on Saturday.

  • MUSICAL ACTS:  In case of rain, bands will perform as scheduled — bring your umbrella and your slicker.  In case of lightning, musical acts may be cancelled or briefly suspended, depending on conditions.
  • CAR SHOW:  This part of the program is especially weather-sensitive. Rain or expected rain usually causes classic car owners to keep their cars at home.
  • FIREWORKS: Weather forecasts are evaluated early Saturday morning, and a decision made about whether to maintain the schedule and hope for the best, or postpone until Sunday night.
  • DUCK REGATTA: Haverhill Rotary’s Rubber Duck Regatta goes on regardless of “fowl” weather.