“Possible Dreams” Community Visioning Event

Every year Team Haverhill hosts Possible Dreams, an upbeat community conversation that celebrates Haverhill’s progress, elicits community aspirations, and fosters new connections.

Possible Dreams has become an exciting annual event that engages new residents and long-timers, old and young, business and nonprofit leaders, public officials and interested citizens. The next Possible Dreams event will be held on March 6, 2017 from 7-9 p.m. at the Northern Essex Community College Technology Center in Haverhill, MA. This year’s theme is “Haverhill Treasures: Old, New, Next!” Haverhill residents can also participate from home in Possible Dreams, using a link to Facebook Live located on Team Haverhill’s Facebook page.

In lively conversations at small café tables, residents will identify what they treasure most about their community today, and share visions for the “next” valuable assets we can start creating now, both in the neighborhoods and citywide. This event provides an excellent opportunity to meet new people, discover Haverhill’s hidden gems, and shape the future of our community by incubating new ideas.

Past Events

To see what was discussed at Possible Dreams in previous years, please view Possible Dreams 2016 Meeting Notes as well as compilation of results from 2008-2014. One important outcome from Possible Dreams 2014 was the first annual Haverhill Volunteer Expo. With initial leadership from the Haverhill YMCA, a consortium of four local nonprofits organized the September event, which featured volunteer opportunities with two dozen exhibiting organizations.

Several past Possible Dream events led to major Team Haverhill initiatives: advocacy for single-stream curbside recycling, revitalization of the Haverhill Farmers Market, and the annual River Ruckus festival.

Perhaps most important of all, the aspirations that are shared at Possible Dreams provide encouragement and guidance to all of Haverhill’s leaders, businesses, institutions, and volunteer groups, as we play our various roles in making Haverhill a strong, vibrant, and livable community.

Our year always starts with the Possible Dreams event. It’s a really upbeat, lively community conversation about the things we can accomplish as a city if we all work together.Alice Mann, President of Team Haverhill