Small Projects – Big Impact

‘Small Projects – Big Impact’ allows us to connect with and support other people and organizations that are doing great things in Haverhill.

Team Haverhill’s ‘Small Projects – Big Impact’ initiative supports a few small community projects each year that make a positive impact in our city.  We listen, make a plan, donate a little bit of volunteer time (usually one day) and a little bit of money ($300 or less) and work with you to make Haverhill a better place to live, learn, work and play.

Contact us and let us know what you think we can make happen together!

Below are some of the projects that Team Haverhill’s ‘Small Projects – Big Impact’ has supported:

2019 Projects

Started “Clean and Green Downtown Haverhill” from Possible Dreams 2019 and accomplished >135 small acts to clean, green and paint in downtown including:

  • painted 21 fire hydrants, 19 poles, 6 call boxes, and 3 handrails
  • cleaned 16 trashcans
  • cleaned and landscaped two stone monuments (in front of post office)
  • cleaned 20 bags of litter (Washington Square parking lot)
  • weeded and mulched 5 street trees on Merrimack Street
  • planted 35 plants (including 2 yews and a dogwood shrub)

Landscaping project at Elm Street with HC Media-August

Donation of garden beds and supplies for Montessori schoolMay

Landscaping garden beds at the Haverhill Farmers Market siteMay

Hilldale Cemetery Cleanup May

Portland Street Playground Cleanup-May

Dudley-Porter Fountain CleanupApril


2018 Projects

Landscaping Day at Clement Farm-Disc Golf Course- July

Big Dog Entry titled “Bee Engaged, Bee Involved”- September

Donation of reusable Haverhill Farmers Market shopping bagsAugust

Donation for the “Miles to Go Before We Sleep” Mural in Downtown Haverhill

Portland Street Playground Cleanup-May

Hilldale Cemetery Cleanup May

2017 Projects

Fostering Creativity in STEM & the Arts – Donation toward Chromebook for Mrs. P’s classroom at Golden Hill Elementary School – December

Mount Washington Neighborhood Event – Donor – December

Hilldale Cemetery – Cleanup – October

Duston Garrison – Garden Project June

Hilldale Cemetery – Fence Project Donor – May

Portland Street Playground –  Neighborhood Cleanup – April

Tilton School Peace Project – Yoga Mats  – March


2016 Projects

Portland Street Playground –  Neighborhood Cleanup – April

Tilton School – Landscaping and beautification project – April

Hilldale Cemetery – Reclaiming History Cleanup – May

“Nature Needs Us” Field Trip – Sponsored Mrs. Perry’s 1st Grade class at Tilton School to visit a wildlife sanctuary

Cogswell Artspace – An Evening of Song at Willowspring Vineyards Benefit – May

The Acre’s Field Day– Community gathering at McNamara Park on 12th Ave – June

Rocks Village Toll House – Landscaping and cleanup – October

Rocks Village Toll House – Installed insulation and ceiling – October

Urban Kindness – Mount Washington Holiday Lights sponsor – December


2015 Projects

Haverhill Downtown Boxing Club – Boxing equipment/membership to USA Boxing in order to compete.

Guitars for Elementary and Middle Schools – Refurbish guitars for school music programs.

Today’s Readers-Tomorrow’s Leaders – City leaders read their favorite book to 1st graders at Tilton School. Books donated to Haverhill Public Library.

Hilldale Cemetery – Buy and install cemetery sign.

Winnekenni Basin – Extensive cleaning of debris, invasive species of vines, brush and dead trees.

Rocks Village Hand Tub House  – Landscaping to help eradicate invasive species along the river’s public space.

Emmaus Commons – Deep spring cleanup and beautification.

Walnut Square Elementary School – Installed six raised garden beds.

East Parish Meeting House – Landscaping and beautification.

Place Your Face Haverhill – Create a portable, free-standing custom wooden prop for events.


‘Small Projects – Big Impact’  – The Origin Story

Team Haverhill’s ‘Small Projects – Big Impact’ initiative began in 2015 as a way to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Team Haverhill and ten years of volunteering in the city! It was called “10 for 10” and we partnered with ten groups doing great things in Haverhill. We met new people and had a wonderful time helping to make small projects happen.  Each project was less than a day and $150.  Since then, the program has grown and continues to be an important part of Team Haverhill’s volunteer work in the city.


Check back soon for more information on our projects, including ways you can volunteer to help!

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