For an organization that began in 2005, Team Haverhill already has a “storied” history. After beginning as a “community visioning” initiative sponsored by the Greater Haverhill Foundation and the Greater Haverhill Chamber of Commerce, Team Haverhill emerged as an organization in its own right in 2006. We elected officers and organized into a self-directing association with the purpose of making Haverhill a “better place to live, work and play.” Early activities included the stringing of lights in downtown trees, and arranging for historic marker-signs to be painted for and purchased by individual homeowners.

Since then, Team Haverhill has grown and evolved and taken on many exciting projects, with the help of dedicated volunteers, as well as numerous project partners and sponsors. Here is a list of projects and activities we have focused on since we began.

Year(s) Focus (projects and activities)
2007 Candidate forums and budget education
2008 Murals, playground renovation, recycling, “Possible Dreams”
2009 Farmers’ Market, Soles of Haverhill “Shoe-la-bration”
2010 River Ruckus, Haverhill Youth Mentor Network, and continuing support for ongoing projects
2011/2012 Essex Street Gateway Mural, incorporation, and continuing support for ongoing projects
2013/2014 Art Walk at Bradford Rail Trail, River Ruckus, Portland Street Playground renovation, Soles of Haverhill “Shoe-la-bration” (2014), and continued support for ongoing projects

Be sure to check out our Projects pages, where you can find out more about what we do and learn how you can get involved.