Become a Member

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of Team Haverhill!

While membership is not required to participate in Team Haverhill events or to volunteer, we are always eager to accept new members. Membership is open to everyone.

If you’re interested in becoming a member, please review the following guidelines and join us at our next meeting!

Active members of Team Haverhill make the following commitments:

1. Attend the monthly meetings

  • Many important decisions about the life and direction of Team Haverhill are made by the Team as a whole at the monthly meetings, so attendance is very important
  • Members inform the Secretary in advance if they know they will not be able to attend an upcoming meeting.
  • Members review emailed minutes and agendas in order to keep up to date.
  • Active Members are eligible to vote if they have provided the Secretary with signed a membership commitment within the current calendar year, and have signed the monthly attendance roll verifying their participation in at least three of the previous six regular meetings of Team Haverhill.

2. Participate actively in one project team each year

  • Team Haverhill relies on project teams—made up of Members and other volunteers—to accomplish its goals. Each Member participates actively on at least one project team.
  • The project teams operate flexibly, but remain accountable to the larger Team for their work. They keep the Officers informed about ongoing progress and needs.

3. Take a turn with group housekeeping tasks

  • Team Haverhill has no paid staff. Group members share the load by taking turns performing routine tasks, such as room set-up and take-down.

4. Attend and assist with major Team Haverhill events

  • At key moments in the life of each project, all Members of the Team pitch in to make it a success.
  • While individual Members select a specific project to work on, all our projects belong to the Team as a whole and are given whole-Team support when needed.

5. Protect the integrity and reputation of Team Haverhill

  • Each Member is a positive voice in the community for the work of the Team as a whole—even for projects or decisions that may not be the Member’s personal preference.
  • Public statements or organizational commitments are only made after review and authorization by the President or Vice-President, who may in some cases refer the question to the Board of Directors and/or seek advice from the active Members. Such authorization is required in order to:
    • Represent any viewpoint as a “Team Haverhill position”;
    • Make any request of money or organizational support in the name of Team Haverhill;
    • Make any commitment or incur any expense in the name of Team Haverhill.
  • E-mailings to Members and Friends are sent by one of the officers, or by another person designated by President. Ordinarily, a week’s notice should be provided regarding project-related messages to be emailed or posted on the web-site. Members show respect for the Team by refraining from any unauthorized use of the member list or email string.
  • Contact with the Press or with public officials occurs through the President or Vice-President, or persons designated by them.
  • Members observe with care all Team Haverhill policies about soliciting, receiving and accounting for donations of any kind.