Welcome to Team Haverhill

Welcome to Team Haverhill

Length: 6:08 seconds
Published: May 2012
What is Team Haverhill? Alice Mann talks about Team Haverhill, a volunteer action group dedicated to making Haverhill a better place to live, learn, work and play. Team Haverhill generates civic engagement and undertakes many city-wide projects, including Soles of Haverhill, Single-Stream Recycling and the Essex Street Gateway Mural.

River Ruckus

RIVER RUCKUS 2013 and Rubber Duck Regatta

Spanish Version

Length: 1:03
Published: July 2013
River Ruckus 2013 is coming to Haverhill on September 7th. Team Haverhill’s summer city-wide festival joins forces this year with Haverhill Rotary’s Annual Rubber Duck Regatta which raises money for various charities in the Merrimack Valley. Join us for a day of fun-filled family activities including a classic car show, live music, boat rides, children’s activities and the duck race beginning with the famous duck drop at 3:30 pm. The day ends with spectacular fireworks over the Merrimack River.

The Essex Street Gateway Mural

“Hues of the Heart”: A Time Lapse Video

Length: 4:08
Published: March 2013
The Essex Street Gateway Mural is a four-story public mural in Haverhill, MA, depicting the rich, vibrant history of the city. The work of MLS Studios, Philadelphia, PA, the mural was installed over eight weeks. This time lapse video shows the installation in four minutes.

Painting in the Schools

Title: A “Large-Scale Paint-by-Numbers” Mural
Length: 2:19
Published: January 2012
The painting begins! Muralists Meg Saligman and James Shuster of MLS Studios, Philadelphia, PA, came to Haverhill with panels of non-woven acrylic cloth upon which the mural design has been outlined in a “color-by-number” style. Meg, James and Jeff Grassie, Team Haverhill Lead Artist, conducted community painting sessions with school children, high school students, residents and business people in the city. When completed, the panels were installed on the building wall at 25 Essex Street.

Essex Street Gateway Mural, Part 1

Title: “Community Paint Sessions,” A Short Video Clip
Length: 2:16
Published: January 2012
Haverhill, Massachusetts, USA: a community honors its rich heritage and artistic renaissance in a 50-feet x 60-feet exterior mural in downtown Haverhill, MA. Commissioned and sponsored by Team Haverhill, and funded by businesses, organizations and private donations, the mural was created by Meg Saligman and James Shuster of MLS Studios, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Essex Street Gateway Mural for Auction

Title: “The Essex Street Gateway Mural: A Community Partnership”
Length: 6:53
Published: June 2012
The Essex Street Gateway Mural is installed and various community leaders and artists talk about the project and its impact on the city of Haverhill now and for years to come.

Soles of Haverhill: Shoe-La-Bration 2009

Soles of Haverhill, Part 2

Title: “Fourteen Victorian Shoes Sculptures: A Public Art Project”
Length: 2:17
Published: January 2012
“Soles of Haverhill” is a public art project carried out by Team Haverhill in 2009 to celebrate Haverhill’s history as the center of shoe manufacturing in the mid-twentieth century. Fourteen large fiberglass shoes were commissioned to be painted by local artists. The shoes were displayed in the city and finally sold at a Gala Auction event. The funds raised were donated to the city’s public arts programs.

Soles of Haverhill: the 2009 Collection

Title: “Shoe~La~Bration: The Entire Collection”
Length: 1:33
Published: January 2011
The entire “collection” of fourteen fiberglass shoes designed by Haverhill artists and the New York design team at STUART WEITZMAN.

Soles of Haverhill 2009, Stuart Weitzman

Title: “Stuart Weitzman at the Unveiling of “A Family Affair: Three Generations”
Length: 4:47
Published: January 2011
Stuart Weitzman began working in his father’s shoe factory in Haverhill, Massachusetts, as a young man in the late 1950s. Now an internationally-known designer of gorgeous (and comfortable) shoes, he returns to Haverhill to participate in the Soles of Haverhill project. Sponsored by Team Haverhill, and supported through generous donations from local businesses, organizations and individuals, the project raised money for the arts in Haverhill. Shoe~La~Bration 2009 reflects the vitality of a city deeply rooted in its history.

The Haverhill Farmers Market

Haverhill Farmer’s Market 2009

Title: “Haverhill Farmers Market 2009”
Length: 2:31
Published: December 2011
The Haverhill Farmers Market is an established feature in the summer landscape of Haverhill. In 2008, members of Team Haverhill formed a committee to expand the market by increasing the number of vendors and adding other activities. Watch how successful their efforts were during the first new season in 2009.

Possible Dreams

Team Haverhill’s Possible Dreams 2010 Highlights

Title: “Possible Dreams 2010: A Community Conversation”
Length: 9:03
Published: December 2010
Possible Dreams is a community conversation held annually in January by Team Haverhill to foster dialogue about our hopes and dreams for the future life of our city. The format of the evening is based on the concept of “The World Cafe” used in organizations world-wide. This video clip is taken from the 2010 event and features Alice Mann’s opening remarks.