Clean & Green Downtown Haverhill

Clean & Green Downtown Haverhill aims at making Haverhill’s downtown district a GREAT DOWNTOWN!

Clean & Green Downtown Haverhill is a project with a single mission: Making Haverhill’s downtown great!

A few elements of great downtowns that we focus on:

•  Walkable and safe                       •  Clean & maintained
•  Public art                                      •  Good signage
•  Flower, shrubs and green space

We also advocate, to our local government, for:

•  Brickwork and sidewalk improvements
•  Additional trash barrels, dog fouling and cigarette waste solutions
•  More seating
•  More green space – landscaping – a dog park

Clean & Green Downtown Haverhill started as an idea at Possible Dreams 2019. Since then, the Clean & Green Downtown team has organized volunteer opportunities to clean, paint, plant and restore our downtown. After two years of many energetic volunteer hours and support from our sponsors and community, we have completed over 1,000 “acts” or tasks in downtown Haverhill.

We always love when new volunteers join us for a Clean & Green Downtown project.  These opportunities are usually short (two hours or less) and not too strenuous.  Contact us today to get involved and we will keep you updated or follow Team Haverhill on Facebook for the latest Clean & Green news.

Some of the successful projects accomplished:

•  Cleaning, collecting litter and weeding downtown parking lots on Wingate, Washington, How and Merrimack Streets

•  Reclaimed the parklet at the Washington Street entrance to the Wingate Parking Lot, weeding, mulching and planting

•  Painted 25 fire hydrants, 19 poles, 12 call boxes, and 3 handrails

•  Cleaned and repainted 16 trashcans

•  Restored two stone monuments at the post office, landscaped and added mini-flags and half-round window flags

•  Cleaned 20 bags of litter from Washington Square Parking Lot

•  Weeded and mulched 5 street trees on Merrimack Street

•  Planted 35 plants, including 2 yews and a dogwood shrub

•  Restored and painted forgotten shoe art on Washington Square light posts

•  Weeded and mulched two planters in Wingate Lot

•  Restored wooden bench in Wingate Lot planter bed

•  Restored Columbus Park fence – prepped, primed and painted 40 rails and cleaned 23 granite posts

•  Landscaped, weeded and mulched beds and scrubbed granite monument at Columbus Park

•  Removed 131 bags of trash & litter downtown

•  Removed 170 bags of leaves & weeds

•  Added 251 plants & daffodil bulbs

Sponsors & Community Partners:

Team Haverhill’s Clean & Green Downtown Haverhill project would not be possible without the generosity and support of these awesome sponsors and community partners.

Pfizer Nunan's Florist & Nursery Haverhill Family Eye Care Messinger Chiropractic
Riverside Place Condominiums Haverhill Fire Fighter Museum Haverhill Beef Haverhill Brightsides
Fishbrook Design Studio STEM The City of Haverhill Finney Block Condominiums
Holy Apostles Greek Orthodox Church Wisteria Montessori School