“Possible Dreams” Community Visioning Event

Every year Team Haverhill hosts Possible Dreams, an upbeat community conversation that celebrates Haverhill’s progress, elicits community aspirations, and fosters new connections.

Team Haverhill’s annual community visioning event returns to reflect and discuss the continuing revitalization of our city. This community conversation provides an opportunity to meet new people, discover more that Haverhill has to offer and shape the future of our community by sharing and incubating new ideas.

Possible Dreams 2022: Small Steps – Big Impact, will be a virtual event, taking place on Monday, March 14, 2022, 7:00 PM via Zoom.  Please read below for more details on this year’s event!

While “possible dream” ideas normally come to light during a first round of small-table conversations, this year we have reached out to the community to share and submit their ideas in advance of the event.  The submitted ideas are below.  The community conversation at the virtual event will focus on these ideas, and what small steps we can take together to make them happen for Haverhill.

No idea is too big or too small to spark a discussion, gain momentum or become a reality!  A few examples of ideas that gained momentum at past Possible Dreams events include: Clement Farm Disc Golf Course, Revitalizing the Haverhill Farmers Market, Haverhill Restaurant Week, River Ruckus Festival, Cleaner & Greener Downtown Haverhill… and many more.

Registration is now open and we are requesting your participation to help shape the future of our city.   These ideas will become the subject of upbeat, lively conversations at Possible Dreams 2022:

Reimagining Union Street Pocket Park
This small pocket park on Union Street has turned into a parking lot and abandoned space. It has the potential to be a great green space enjoyed by kids and the entire neighborhood.

Haverhill Artists Market
Create a community-driven marketplace for handcrafted wares by local artists and artisans. Many possibilities for indoor/outdoor, seasonal/permanent, like a farmers market, or even a Mill No. 5.

Revitalizing Buttonwoods Museum
Form an Advisory Committee in the complete retooling of The Buttonwoods, to overhaul educational programs and exhibits to tell the stories of our historically excluded community members.

Composting Solutions for Haverhill
Explore options for Haverhill to reduce our landfill flow and environmental impact by offering convenient composting options for residents.

Performing Arts Center
Establishing a performing arts center in Haverhill. This type of venue will be used for concerts, plays, recitals, etc.

Establishing Community Gardens
Establish an area for community gardens in Haverhill’s most densely populated neighborhoods for residents to plant and maintain their own garden plot. Free seeds, and education around gardening would be available to all participants and gardening tools would be available for participants to borrow.

Activating our Downtown Alleys as Public Spaces
Alleys are often forgotten and empty spaces in our downtown environment. However, they hold great potential as an event space or lively, green public space. Let’s discuss how we can use these alleys and the possibilities for their future. With some creativity and energy, alleys can become an important part of Haverhill’s downtown public space.

Basiliere “Bridge Ideas” Competition
Develop a “Bridge Ideas” competition to come up with possible designs for the replacement of the Basiliere Bridge. Rather than just building a “cookie-cutter” steel and concrete span, Haverhill should work with the state and the public to erect a structure that would be unique and historic nature of the existing bridge.

Stuart Weitzman Shoe Museum Project – Downtown
Create an engagement group for potential future downtown development of Stuart Weitzman Shoe Museum and corporate headquarters in the center of Haverhill’s downtown.

Haverhill Multi-Cultural Center
Creation of a multicultural center where people would learn different languages and different cultures based on the idea of language exchange, and host multi-cultural events such as potlucks where people share their native dances and music.

Neighborhood Clean & Green Teams
Build off the success of Clean & Green Downtown Haverhill by expanding this concept to every neighborhood in our city.

Registrants will be able to choose the ideas that interest them and contribute by sharing their thoughts and energy during the virtual event.

If you are interested in multiple ideas, we will provide you with a summary of all the conversations, and how to get involved with each of them after the event.

Thank you to everyone participating in Possible Dreams 2022: Small Steps – Big Impact!!

What is Possible Dreams?

Possible Dreams is an engaging, resident-driven visioning event, very unique to Haverhill.  Think lively brainstorming session – but with the whole city invited to participate.  This positive and powerful community-wide conversation is led by Team Haverhill’s Lisa Marzilli.  The evening consists of small group discussions focused on life in Haverhill and what is needed for our city to thrive in the future. Ideas from the small group discussions are then highlighted and shared with the room full of city residents in hopes of harnessing energy to realize impactful ‘dreams’.

What do you need to do?

It’s simple.  All you need to do is register and attend!

If you are unfamiliar with the video-conferencing platform Zoom, it’s free and you can learn more about it by clicking here.  You don’t need to bring anything other than a positive attitude!  Please invite a friend or two! This is a community conversation, but there is no pressure, no required public speaking and no push for you to participate beyond your comfort zone.

This community discussion is free and all are encouraged to attend. Registration will be available beginning on February 14, 2022 via a link from this page.  A Zoom link to the event will be emailed to you after registering.  Please arrive for this virtual event on time, the event starts promptly at 7 pm.

For more information email info@teamhaverhill.org.

Also, don’t forget to sign-up for our monthly newsletter!

Past Events

To see what was discussed at Possible Dreams in previous years, please view: Possible Dreams 2021: Moving Forward Together – Summary Report,  Possible Dreams 2020 – Summary Report and the Possible Dreams 2020 – Full Report, the Possible Dreams 2019 Action/Idea groups – and Comments, the Possible Dreams 2018 focus group highlight videos: Positives of Living in HaverhillChallenges of Living in Haverhill, and Closing Messages and the Possible Dreams 2018 Action Steps.  You can also view our Possible Dreams 2017 Meeting NotesPossible Dreams 2016 Meeting Notes, Possible Dreams 2015 -Topic-Group-Reports, as well as our compilation of results from 2008-2014.  One important outcome from Possible Dreams 2014 was the first Haverhill Volunteer Expo. With initial leadership from the Haverhill YMCA, a consortium of four local nonprofits organized the September event, which featured volunteer opportunities with two dozen exhibiting organizations.

Several past Possible Dreams events led to major Team Haverhill initiatives: advocacy for single-stream curbside recycling, revitalization of the Haverhill Farmers Market, and the annual Team Haverhill’s River Ruckus festival.

Perhaps most important of all, the aspirations that are shared at Possible Dreams provide encouragement and guidance to all of Haverhill’s leaders, businesses, institutions, and volunteer groups, as we play our various roles in making Haverhill a strong, vibrant, and livable community.

Our year always starts with the Possible Dreams event. It’s a really upbeat, lively community conversation about the things we can accomplish as a city if we all work together.Alice Mann, President of Team Haverhill